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Children in World War Two

Children in World War Two: It is hard to imagine that there were any children in World War Two, whose lives did not change as a result of it. Even if you managed to stay in your own home during the war and your family survived intact, you would have to carry a gas mask […]


Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and the Crimean War

Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and the Crimean War: We often learn about all three together. The Crimean War ‘made’ both Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole famous in their own time and in history. We see them both as great nurses. They worked at the same time and we often discuss, who was more important. Florence […]


The Greatest Artists in History: who are they?

Who are the greatest artists in history? If you’re creating a game about them how do you choose who to include and who to leave out? That was History Heroes’ dilemma with our new, award winning game: ARTISTS – read how we made ‘the cut’. Who’s in, who’s out?


History Heroes’ Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison in Dr Who

We loved seeing History Heroes’ Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison spar in Dr Who’s episode, “Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror”. History come alive! Dr Who has often used history and real historical figures as a backdrop to its drama. Many of those characters over the years are also History Heroes in our various games. EXPLORERS, […]


Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot

Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot: Who in Britain has not watched a stuffed Guy Fawkes go up in flames on top of a bonfire on 5th November at some point in their lives? We all love the excitement, the fireworks, the toffee apples and hot chocolate that goes with the annual event. But why […]


Sputnik 1 launched the Space Age

On the 4th October 1957 the Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1 into Space. Sputnik 1 was the first ever, man-made satellite launched successfully into Space. The Soviet Union’s achievement surprised the rest of the world completely. No one had managed to do  launch anything into Space successfully before. The Soviet Union had worked in secret […]


Alexander Fleming, Louis Pasteur and Germs

Germ Day! Why is the 28th September not called International Germ Day? It’s a BIG day in Germ history! On the 28th September 1895 Louis Pasteur died. His germ theory changed completely the way people understood what germs were and how they worked. 33 years later on 28th September 1928 Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin, the […]


London Walk Quiz Answers

The Royal Westminster Quiz Suffragette Movement Force feeding (Emmeline and her protesters were on hunger strikes) Queen Victoria My first cousin, Albert. I had to propose to him because I was Head of State Margaret Thatcher Because I lead the UK in the war against Argentina there in 1982 William Caxton Geoffrey Chaucer Boudica Top […]


Blast Off for History Heroes’ new Science Museum Licensed games: LONDON and SPACE

  3-2-1…blast off: History Heroes is proud to launch their first, brand new Science Museum licensed card games: SPACE and LONDON. Both SPACE and LONDON are games that encourage all from 8 – 80+ to play together and learn more about their respective themes. Like all other award-winning History Heroes games, these new games include […]


The Best History resources: History Heroes is on the list!

We’re chuffed as chips that History Heroes games have been chosen among the best history resources and as the best games for History Lovers by Tutorful in their blog: History Lovers – awesome websites and resources to cure your boredom’ There are some excellent suggestions in their blog about sites and apps to visit…apart from […]


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