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How to Play History Heroes Card Games

There are so many ways to play History Heroes card games and we love the fact that our customers regularly report back to us with new ones that they have devised themselves!

How to Play

Aim of the Game

The aim of the game is to try and win the cards by guessing who the characters are from the facts read out from the cards. Players can play the games as a gentle voyage of discovery or a competitive game by choosing easy, hard or quirky facts from each card. Win the cards by guessing correctly who the character is from the facts read out on their cards. The winner is the person with the most cards at the end of the game, just the same as card games like Top Trumps.

Or, if you fancy, you can start by reading, enjoying and absorbing the facts in the History Heroes games – it doesn’t have to be a battle of wits from the get-go!

Getting Started

  • You can share out all the cards and try to win them from each other by taking it in turns to read out the facts from any of your cards
  • Or, you can have one master card reader, who reads out the facts for everyone else to guess and win.
    This way of playing works particularly well if you have a younger child who can read but may not know many facts…to start with. They love being in control of the game; they absorb the information (without realising!) as they read out the facts and they LOVE seeing the adults squirm when they don’t know who the character is – a great, non-pressurised way of introducing them to a lot of cracking, new knowledge

Top Tips

  • If you have an equal, knowledgeable (and competitive!) group playing, try reading the facts from the bottom of the card upwards, from joker fact and hardest to easiest: the first person to guess correctly who the character is, wins the card
  • If you’re all learning to begin with, make it easy and fun for all of you: use the images as clues; read the joker fact to entertain and then read the green facts for clues too
  • If you have a mixed ability group, let those with knowledge guess from the hardest, red facts. Less knowledgeable players can guess from the image as a clue and the green facts
  • Scoring Points: Give the different coloured facts different points: 1 for green; 2 for yellow; 3 for red; 5 for the Joker fact. Players can decide what level of fact they want to guess from to try to win points or cards
  • When you’ve been playing the games for a while and think you know your facts, go completely random and introduce a dice: the facts are numbered from 1-6 so whatever number you throw is the fact you get from which to guess the character

More Ways to Play

Use History Heroes cards to play charades or a memory game – there are many, many ways to ‘skin the History Heroes’ cat! If you’ve ever played card games like Top Trumps, you will find History Heroes easy to start and play.

Let us know how you get on – and we’d love to hear any of your new ways to play History Heroes too!



How to Play the Board Game, A RACE IN TIME

You can play the game simply as a race around the board from start to finish, answering quiz questions to move forward and taking your chances with Event squares: they may help propel you forward…but they could stop you in your tracks!

If you want a bigger challenge, race around the board…with a secret objective to complete too: Collect and discard History Heroes cards as you move around the board to gather the ultimate world-leading crew. Reach the Finish first with the best 5 History Heroes in your hand to win the game AND the chosen/secret objective. How will you know if YOU have the best 5 History Heroes at the end of the game? That’s for all players to decide and vote on: lay your cards on the table; put your tin helmets on; roll up your sleeves and let the battle of wits commence!

A great board game for all ages from 8 – 80+: the perfect, fun quiz game to battle against each other, enjoy together and all learn a little along the way.


How to Play the Card Game, A LITTLE SLICE OF HISTORY

Be the first player to get rid of all your cards by aligning matching sides.

Take turns placing a card down to match a side (or more) of your card to an available side (or more) of another card already on the table. Together, build a brilliant picture of connecting History Heroes but don’t forget there can be only one winning player!

If you’re playing in a small space, on the go, or simply want a new challenge, play the game by stacking cards on top of each other. Either play by taking turns to place a card, or as a speed game.


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