About us at History Heroes

A little bit about us at History Heroes: History Heroes is owned and run by Alexandra Ehrmann. The concept for the games was the brainchild of then history teacher, Harry Hastings, in 2010, who brought out the original game, ‘How well do you know your Monarchs?’ and two other games, before becoming a head teacher in 2013 and handing History Heroes over to Alexandra


Alexandra reformatted the History Heroes idea and relaunched the concept with 4 new games in AW2014: SCIENTISTS; EXPLORERS; SPORT and WORLD WAR ONE. The games promptly won Junior Magazine’s Best Toy Design Award.

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History Heroes wins Junior Magazine Design Award

In 2015 History Heroes brought out a new game: CHILDREN in history and INVENTORS came out as the newest game in AW2016. In 2017 we have won new awards and brought out WOMEN in HISTORY; KINGS & QUEENS and WORLD WAR TWO games too.

The games were and are devised to be a tool for all ages and ranges to have fun together in the pursuit of knowledge and history. They aim to provide entertainment and learning along with a little glue of competition to help all the facts and history stick.

Alex Ehrmann loved History Heroes from the start because she loves learning, has a passion for history, loves telling a story and can’t resist anything with a competitive flavour! History Heroes offers all those dimensions and ‘telling a story’ is at the heart of what History Heroes does.

Each card tells the life and story of each History Hero through their picture and facts. The selection of the 40 Heroes in each theme in turn tells the story of how each theme – Explorers, Scientists, World War I, Sports –  has developed through their respective histories. So, whether you choose to play the games competitively or to enjoy reading and absorbing the cards peacefully and at your own pace, we believe each History Heroes game will have given you a thorough, compact and engaging feel for the Heroes, their individual and collective history.

The 40 Heroes we choose for each topic are ones we have selected after much research and consideration. There are ALWAYS at least 5-10 other worthy contenders for a place in the pack. There are always more ‘Heroes’ to explore. We’re very interested in hearing your thoughts on who you think should be in a History Heroes game, so please tell us.

We’re also constantly thinking about possible new History Heroes games to create and produce, so let us know if you’d love to see a particular game that we haven’t made yet. In the meantime, we’re proud that our cards are made wholly in England as is our packaging, which is made from environmentally friendly materials and is 100% recyclable.

We hope you enjoy our ‘Heroes’, learn lots about them, win all the History Heroes games and are then inspired to go off and learn some more!

About us at history heroes, history heroes card games

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