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Did You Know..?

History Heroes card games are a world of facts and fun all about history. From the ancient Romans to the Space Race and up to modern times, History Heroes are jam-packed with fascinating facts about the people, objects and animals who discover the world and made history!

Surprise yourself and others with a few of the following fascinating facts…


  • Which emperor was so hairy that he made it a capital offence to mention a goat in his presence?
  • Which brilliant general crossed the Rubicon and why?
  • Which Roman God does the crescent on Turkey’s flag represent?
History Heroes: ROMANS
Did you Know About Romans?
  • Who was the youngest artist to sell a painting for over $100 million?
  • Which Italian artist is known by his nickname, meaning ‘little barrel’?
  • Which artist painted a lot of flowers but claimed they hated them?
  • History Heroes: ARTISTS
    Did You Know - ARTISTS
    • Which king’s stomach exploded during his funeral, letting off a terrible smell?
    • Which king kept an elephant and a polar bear at the Tower of London?
    • Who was the first English Queen to rule in her own right rather than by marriage?
    History Heroes: KINGS & QUEENS
  • Who left a sign on the Moon, saying, “We come in peace for all mankind”?
  • Who holds the record, 38 years, for the longest time between Space flights?
  • Who calculated the path for the spacecraft that put the first US astronaut into Space?
  • History Heroes: SPACE
    • Who was said to have been struck by lightning as a baby?
    • Who was the first person to win 2 Nobel prizes?
    • Which famous artist originally planned to be a doctor?
    History Heroes: WOMEN
    Did You Know WOMEN
  • Who was the first person to reach both the South and North Pole?
  • Who travelled 1000 miles across Morocco by camel when they were 70 years old?
  • Which explorer could speak 6 languages but never learnt to read?
  • History Heroes: EXPLORERS
    Did You Know EXPLORERS
    • Who designed London’s sewage system, Putney, Hammersmith and Battersea Bridges?
    • Who was honoured by a fundraising, Grand Military Festival in 1857?
    • Who was photographed knickerless, collecting her OBE at Buckingham Palace?
    History Heroes: LONDON
  • Who designed a giant claw to seize and capsize enemies’ ships?
  • Who bred pigeons to investigate their theory of natural selection?
  • Which scientist starred in the Simpsons, Star Trek and the Big Bang Theory?
  • History Heroes: SCIENTISTS
    • Who became trained rat catchers during the war?
    • Who was described as ‘the only man we have for this hour’?
    • Which military general was nicknamed ‘the Great Asparagus’?
    History Heroes: WORLD WAR 2
    Did You Know WORLD WAR 2
  • Who invented the automatic windscreen wiper?
  • Who baked themselves in an oven at 129 centigrade to see what it felt like?
  • Who was described as the ‘King of Cool’ for his invention?
  • History Heroes: INVENTORS
    • Who does legend say founded Rome?
    • Who was writing and playing music throughout Europe by the age of 6?
    • Who was the youngest person to win an Oscar in 1933?
    History Heroes: CHILDREN
    Did You Know CHILDREN
  • Who wore a parachute in the plane to the 1960 Olympics because they were so frightened of flying?
  • Which legendary runner was born with scoliosis?
  • Who invented a back flip in gymnastics, which was later banned for being too dangerous?
  • History Heroes: SPORT
    Did You Know SPORT
    • Who was made a sergeant after spotting and attacking a German spy in the trenches?
    • Which politician had a knitting stitch named after him?
    • Who was the first Black combat officer in the British Army?
    History Heroes: WORLD WAR 1
    Did You Know WORLD WAR 1

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