History Heroes: EXPLORERS card game


Guess the famous Explorer to win the card! A fantastic quiz card game to educate and entertain all ages.

  • 40 of the greatest Explorers in history on beautifully illustrated cards
  • Win the cards by guessing the characters from the facts on the cards
  • Choose your level of fact from green to red: easiest to hard
  • For 2-6 Players – Ages 8+

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Playing Cards


History Heroes’ Explorers are history quiz cards containing individual cards of History Heroes’ forty greatest Explorers. Each card is fantastically illustrated to represent the individual Explorer Hero and shows the explorer’s dates, their flag of birthplace and seven gripping facts about them, including a joker fact about each Explorer to surprise and/or entertain.

History Heroes’ Explorers stretch back in time to Pytheas in the first century BCE and cover land, marine, submarine and lunar exploration from then until the present day. Neil Armstrong ‘rubs shoulders’ with Roald Amundsen and Ibn Battuta; Ranulph Fiennes with Leif Erikson and Yuri Gagarin; Amelia Earhart with Sir Francis Drake and Sylvia Earle;  James Cameron with Pedro Cabral and Christopher Columbus to name a few.

Ages: 8+ years and up. For 2-6 players

Fun Way to Learn
History Heroes quiz card games are a really fun way to learn about history and make ideal home education activities and home learning games.

Additional Information

  • Suitable Age: 8+
  • Number of Players: 2+
  • Weight: 0.145kg
  • Dimensions: 85mm x 140mm x 20mm

Test Your Knowledge Now!

Who disappeared with 4 ships in unexplained circumstances on their final expedition? Who was the first person to successfully sail directly from Europe to India in 1498? How much do you REALLY know about the explorers who helped discover the world? Find out now!

How to play History Heroes

Guess the History Hero, win the cards and the game! Fun for all the family with six levels of questions, use the images as hints and expand your knowledge!

Watch our video, discover new rules and even more ways to play!

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How to play History Heroes EXPLORERS card game

3 reviews for History Heroes: EXPLORERS card game

  1. Elaine B

    I was very impressed with this game when I first saw it. The packaging was very good and the game concept was very easy to understand and follow. This game kept us all going for a long time. It helps with needing to pay attention to what is said to remember for the next time the card comes out again! It is simple and easy to play without them losing interest. I think it is great and kept the kids amused for a long time. I really did like this game – it was something different for us all to enjoy; it was a good laugh.

  2. Tara C

    The packaging was attractive, excellent quality. . The game is easy to understand, although I think you would need a child who is already interested in the subjects in order to engage their interest in the game. My child was fully engaged. He was happy playing it many times and asked to take it on holiday for the car journey. This game works alongside the key stage two curriculum. My son was familiar with some of the characters from his school work and he enjoyed discovering some new characters from history. This game is engaging, fun; a brain stimulating game. Tara C – Alfie 8 Years

  3. Susan Rose

    I had to write a second review for the Explorers because I think this card game is outstanding. Having a great interest in this subject I found the cards incredibly informative. I have given the Explorer game as a present but I have kept my original pack by my desk so I can look up all kinds of facts. A truly great gift that does not date. Well done History Heroes!

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Fun Way to Learn

History Heroes quiz card games are a really fun way to learn about history and make ideal home education activities and home learning games.