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History Heroes: WORLD WAR TWO quiz card game

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History Heroes World War Two quiz card game: an award winning  game to educate & entertain:

  • 40 of the key World War II characters on beautifully illustrated cards

  • Win the cards by guessing the characters from the facts on the cards

  • Choose your level of fact from green to red: easiest to hard

  • A great game for all ages and stages to play together

  • Discover how much you know and learn what you don’t

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Did you know?

Find out more about the games, their individual History Heroes and how each character made and changed history. Read about them here…

Product Description

world war two, famous people in world war two, history heroes, family card game, children's card game, travel game, quiz game, holiday game

Playing History Heroes card game and learning all about World War Two

 History Heroes’ World War II quiz card game contains individual cards of forty of the most significant characters in World War Two. Each card is fantastically illustrated to represent the relevant  character and shows their dates, their flag of birthplace and seven memorable and often moving facts about them.

Our World War Two characters are ‘heroes’ AND ‘anti-heroes’ unsurprisingly. They range from the key political and military figures, such as Chamberlain, Churchill, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Emperor Hirohito, Field Marshal Montgomery, Rommel and the like to  many others, who shaped and influenced World War Two. Great innovators, such as Barnes Wallis, institutions and courageous  people, such as Oskar Schindler, Evacuees, The Women’s Land Army, Raoul Wallenberg and Kindertransport all appear on cards in the game.  The sweep of characters in the game is stark, moving and often inspiring.

There are many different ways of playing History Heroes’ World War Two card game and you can make up your own rules as long as everyone playing agrees to them! The aim is simple: you win the game by winning the cards and you win the cards by guessing/knowing the facts.  You can use the images as clues and you can use the different levels of facts to make it as easy or as hard as you want to play the game. You can also play the game at different levels within the game so that all ages and stages can play together. The green facts are the easiest working down to the red facts, the most difficult. You can, of course, use the joker fact at the bottom, too, to overrule them all!

history heroes, world war two, quiz card game, famous people in history, educational card game, family game, oskar schindler

History Heroes WORLD WAR TWO card game: Oskar Schindler

History Heroes WWI game: Khudadad Khan

Technical details:

Product Dimensions: 11.8 x 7 x 1.8 cm

Item weight: 123g

Recommended age: 8 years – 80 +

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