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Playing History Heroes: CHILDREN card game

History Heroes card games are games for all ages, entertaining and bringing a new understanding of the men, women and children, who have shaped the world around us.  The award-winning,pocket sized card games deliver 1000 years of history in each small box and detail the 40 greatest ‘heroes’ in each theme. The aim of the games is simple: win a game by winning the cards and win the cards by learning and knowing the facts. This film should give you a good idea of how to play a History Heroes game:

History Heroes Card Games

History Heroes’ games: Explorers, Scientists, World War I Heroes and Sports Heroes came out just in time to win Junior Magazine’s 2014 Best Design Award among others. You can read more about what Junior magazine’s judges thought of the game here:

History Heroes has brought out a new card game this Autumn: CHILDREN. It comprises 40 of the most significant children, who have helped to shape and make history throughout history. The game will also help to support children of today: 20p from each CHILDREN game sold will be donated to Chidlren’s Charity, Rainbow Trust.


All the card games have the same format, so once you’ve played one, you can play them all. Each of the 40 cards in each game has an image of the relevant History Hero, his/her flag, their birth/death dates and 7 key facts about their lives and achievements. 6 facts range in difficulty from green, easiest, to red, most difficult so all ages and stages can play together at different levels in the same game. Alternatively, make the game more cut-throat by winning more cards for guessing the Hero from the more difficult facts.

And when you want to crank up the pressure even further, introduce the 7th, Joker fact to overrule all the other ones!