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Local heroes this weekend are cycling over 200 miles in 24 hours from Chester to Alton, Hampshire, to raise awareness of Williams Syndrome. Their journey links two families, whose lives have been affected by Williams Syndrome. On 30th August the 5 cyclists will present one of three teddy bears to a family in Chester, whose beloved son, Teddy, died of complications. Our intrepid cyclists will then cycle the 200 miles plus through the night to Alton, Hampshire to arrive at the Departure Lounge Cafe in Alton in the midst of a Fun Day held there on 31st July to raise awareness of Williams Syndrome. It will be an AWESOME event: ‘Awareness of Williams Syndrome Outstanding Mobility Endurance’ with lots of fun stalls, live bands, fun and games for all.

Our heroic cyclists will bring with them two more teddy bears – original partners in crime to the first one in Chester. They will present one of the bears to the family in Alton affected by Williams Syndrome and will auction the last one for charity. Each teddy bear will have one link of a friendship necklace: the auction bear’s link will say, ‘Best’; the Alton family’s bear will carry the link, ‘Friends’ and Teddy’s bear will keep the ‘Forever’ link. Here are two of the teddy bears readying themselves for the event:

The Williams Syndrome Teddy Bears  preparing for their journey

The Williams Syndrome Teddy Bears preparing for their journey

They seems to be under the impression that they’re doing the cycling, but I believe they’re getting a cushy berth in the support vehicle supplied by Marquis Motorhomes instead. History Heroes will be following the cyclists’ progress over the w/e along with that of the bears. No prizes for guessing which party is likely to end up with loads of blisters and bruises!

Here’s a link if you’d like to know more about the AWeSOME event and Williams Syndrome: https://www.facebook.com/groups/teddyawesome/ amd here’s a link to the teddy bears’ own Facebook page – looks like they’re getting ideas above their stations (and are they 13+?!): https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100007059976417&fref=ts

Please find out more about Williams Syndrome and the Williams Foundation and, if you’re in Alton, Hampshire on 31st August and are looking for a great event, please come and support the cyclists, bears and all involved in raising awareness of Williams Syndrome at the Fun Day at the Departure Lounge. We’ll report on the cyclists and bears’ progress along the way.


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