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4th May 2018

So Linkedin is asking us all to celebrate its 15th birthday by sharing what we thought we wanted to be #whenIwas15 I struggle to remember so far back into the mists of time, but I think I either wanted to work at the UN or in television – always humble with my aspirations! I didn’t do the UN. I realised early on that I wasn’t a particularly effective political animal – a bit too ‘say it like it is’, I suspect. I loved travel but I also realised that I didn’t want a constantly peripatetic lifestyle. So, that was the UN out.

I did work in television for several years and enjoyed huge swathes of it. But, certainly at that time, television was very much all or nothing. You either worked a minimum 18 hour day with no life on a production or you were in development hell, in which the hours stretched on into infinity while you busied yourself, trying not to wait too anxiously for the telephone call, which might just possibly give a greenlight to INITIAL funding for further development of a possible television series. I craved a career/life balance somewhere in between the all or nothing.

After a lot of career twists and turns – all part of a great journey – I realised that my one of my core skill sets is that I am an all-rounder with a business head ; I love learning; pushing myself and I love being busy. Cue History Heroes, which taps into all those qualities and cue a lovely interview and review from Prenderland Books!

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Alex Ehrmann & two History Heroes