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Two History Heroes’ Birthday today

6th September 2014

It’s two History Heroes’ birthday today, 6th September. One was born in 1766, the other in 1892. Got them yet? No? Well, one was so highly acclaimed in his field that 40,000 attended his funeral procession. The other is little known, perhaps – as his joker fact says – because, ‘I never gave an interview in my life. I thought it the height of vulgarity to talk about myself’. One is a Scientist Hero, the other a Sports Hero. Any the wiser? OK, here’s your final clues before we spill the beans – their respective card images:

History Heroes' Sports Hero

Mystery History Heroes’ Sports Hero


History Heroes' Scientist Hero

Mystery History Heroes’ Scientist Hero

Finally, we’ll put you out of your collective misery:
The Scientist Hero is John Dalton, one of our Scientist Heroes, whose funeral was attended by 40,000 – so admired was he by the time he died in 1844. Among the many, many things he discovered and explained was the fundamental, radical concept of his Atomic Theory: that all matter is made up of atoms; all atoms of the same element are identical and that different elements have different types of elements have different types of atoms. And he worked that all out by 1803!

You might think that our Sports Hero might struggle to compete against John Dalton’s achievements. Admittedly his successes did not change the world in quite the same way John Dalton’s Atomic Theory might have, but they were pretty impressive nonetheless. Max Woosnam, this most modest of men, excelled in several sports. He won a gold and silver Olympic medal for tennis, he captained Manchester City and England at football and he scored 144 against the MCC at Lord’s for a Public Schools’ XI cricket team. He also beat Charlie Chaplin at table tennis, using a butter knife for a bat. We feel confident they both deserve to be History Heroes. Max Woosnam and John Dalton: Happy Birthday