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Amelia Earhart born today 24th July 1897: 1 of History Heroes’ Explorers

24th July 2014

Amelia Earhart is one of History Heroes’ Explorers. She was born  on 24th July 1897 and would be 117 today. From early on it was clear that she was amazingly driven and energetic. She wrote several letters to her mother, often citing her philosophy of “the more one does, the more one can do”

When she discovered her love of flying in 1920, there was no stopping her. Eighteen years later, in June 1928, as she was about to make her first transatlantic flight as a passenger, she sent her mother a telegram, “DON’T WORRY STOP NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS IT WILL HAVE BEEN WORTH THE TRYING STOP LOVE A”

Amelia Earhart’s flying achievements were amazing on so many levels but she has been heralded, in particular, as a FEMALE champion of the skies. She was that in spades, but she was also the first PERSON to fly solo across both the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans – fairly impressive going in the 1930s.

Her last recorded words were, of course, “…gas is running low” before she disappeared in the Pacific in 1937. Nobody knew what had happened to her. Many thought she had crashed and died but there were suggestions that she might have landed and survived for some time on a Pacific Island. Recent discoveries have strengthened that theory. Just to give you a ‘heads up’ to winning her card when you play History Heroes’ Explorers: Her card’s Joker fact (which you can use to overrule the rest of the facts and win the card if you’re using the Joker fact rule) is: “A jar of anti-freckle cream found on a Pacific Island may be from my plane crash”.

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Explorer Amelia Earhart from History Heroes’ Explorers Card Game